Volunteering is not only fun, it also has many benefits.
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Volunteering at the German Red Cross

To volunteer at the GRC there are no formal requirements. You don’t have to speak German very well, have a certain degree or profession. Everyone, who agrees with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross, can join.

The Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross:


We help others –
out of respect of their dignity


We act according to our principles –
and don’t let us become dependent on others


We help all people –
their need being the only measure


We are one Movement –
everywhere and for everyone

Voluntary Service

We act on the basis of humanity –
not on pursuit of profit


We help all around the world –
as partners with common goals


We take action –
and not sides

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There are many possibilities to get involved with the GRC.

You can volunteer for a certain period of time, for example working in a project for children, youngsters or seniors. You can also offer help spontaneously, for example when many helping hands are needed in case of storm or flood disasters. If any field of work is particularly appealing to you, you can also have a long-term commitment to your voluntary work. For some work fields it’s important to support the GRC for a longer period of time. For some you have to bring a bit more time, for some you don’t.

These are opportunities to get engaged with the GRC:

medical service
at events

support following accidents
or disasters

work in second hand
clothing stores

homework help

provision of emergency
shelters and meals

support at
blood donations

visit elderly people
with little social contacts

helping refugees to
arrive in Germany

offering sports and
movement courses

water and
mountain rescue

realize your
own project

and many more!

Children and youngsters can also participate: the Youth Red Cross offers trainings for medical service and is helping the volunteers on-site.

We will find out which engagement is most suitable for you and the GRC in a face-to-face meeting.

 If you want to get involved with the GRC, you can also reach out to your local Red Cross branch. Or you can send us a request using the contact form.

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Benefits of volunteering


get to know people

Volunteering at the GRC means becoming part of a large community. By volunteering you can get into contact with people in your area. You’ll be working with other volunteers and offering support for locals.


improve language skills

Even if you don’t speak German very well, you can get involved with the GRC. You can use the newly learned vocabulary in daily life and improve your German skills every day.


contribute your own skills

Everyone has personal skills that can be supportive for others. You can weigh them into the community and be an enrichment for our organization.


improve chances for a paid job

You can learn new things while volunteering. No one needs prior knowledge because we offer trainings for everyone who wants to get engaged with us. If you already have prior experiences, you can increase your knowledge and specialize. Therefore voluntary work may help you finding a paid job.


have fun in the community

Last but not least, volunteering is a lot of fun! As long as one brings some time and openness for the diversity of human beings, everyone can join us who wants to get involved with others for a good cause.

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About the German Red Cross

The Red Cross is an organization that is committed to ensuring a good and healthy life and protection in case of catastrophes, crises and wars for people all around the world. In many countries, the international emblem of the movement is the Red Cross, in some others it’s the Red Crescent.

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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement with its 190 national societies is the largest humanitarian organization in the world. The German Red Cross is part of this world-wide community that has been helping people in situations of conflict, in case of disasters and health or social emergencies for more than 150 years, the extent of their need being the only measure.

Throughout the many years of its existence, the Red Cross gained a lot of experience with the needs of people and the help that is needed and therefore is able to support in a very professional way. To ensure that this professional aid reaches all those who are in need, the Red Cross relies on the support of volunteer staff for whom the support of other is a matter truly dear to their hearts.

Our idea is supported by over a million of volunteers and members world-wide. In Germany about three million people are involved with the Red Cross.

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